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Modular & Adjustable Charnley

OrthoMedFlex Charnley Retractor​

Can enable more efficient ‘Pit Crew’ surgical team via “hands-free” soft tissue retraction, especially for hip replacement procedures

Static Retractor Blades
3 Size Options

OMF-SML-048_Charnley Retractor-01.png


Charnley Retractor Frame               101-321-10
Static Retractor Blade, Small          101-321-21
Static Retractor Blade, Medium     101-321-22
Static Retractor Blade, Large          101-321-23
Dynamic Retractor Blade, Small     101-321-31
Dynamic Retractor Blade, Large     101-321-32


Dynamic Retractor Blades
2 Size Options
Multiple Placement Options

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